Meet Our Hosts

Boston’s most exclusive New Year’s Eve gala is almost here. With only 3 days until the illustrious ball drops, SYNERGY invites you to join us in celebrating the New Year. Now in its 11th consecutive year, SYNERGY New Year’s Eve charity gala will be held at the Boston Hyatt Regency, in the historic theatre district – Downtown Boston. This year’s theme is inspired by the classic James Bond brand, ensuring it to be an action-packed evening. 500+ guests are expected to attend and experience the midnight countdown with hundreds of socialites and trendsetters, all dressed in black tie 007 attire. With a VIP list like no other, these guests come from various industry backgrounds from Technology to the Arts, to Philanthropy and Venture Capital that excel in their fields and know how to celebrate in true “007” fashion! Now, without further adieu, let us introduce you to our hosts for the evening.

Meet Miss Massachusetts USA 2019 – Kelly O’Grady!

Our first host, Kelly O’Grady, has just been crowned Miss Massachusetts, USA 2019.  As a graduate of Harvard University, receiving an MBA from Harvard Business School, Kelly has excelled inside and outside the classroom. Further, throughout her journey, Kelly has demonstrated tremendous courage while not being afraid of speaking up for herself. As a result of working primarily in a male-dominated industry, Kelly shares her difficulty with breaking through the barriers in front of her. When asked what obstacles she had to overcome, Kelly responded with, “being taken seriously as a woman in a male-dominated industry. School shelters you, but it became clear as I entered the corporate world that assumptions were made about my worth, and I was not treated the same as my male counterparts.”Continuing to prove her selfworth, Kelly draws inspiration from “the small victories in life.” This includes, “someone speaking their mind, even when their opinion is in the minority; from a woman helping another woman in the workplace, rather than tearing her down. It’s these little heroic acts that happen everywhere around us that inspire me most and push me to be a better version of myself.” When asked who her biggest inspiration was, Kelly’s answer was, “Tom Brady, because of his unparalleled work ethic and commitment to pushing himself to always be better, even in the face of all his success, is truly admirable.”Kelly’s plans for the future entail spending the year promoting her passion for female empowerment. She plans to accomplish this goal by encouraging all women to be themselves in every aspect of their lives. Kelly supports this statement by saying, “we can be strong and intelligent leaders while also embracing our femininity and the incredible power that comes with being a woman. Partnering with a range of like-minded initiatives celebrating female empowerment, I hope to advance this mission forward and inspire young women to highlight their complexities and be their authentic selves.”Miss Massachusetts, USA 2019’s favorite James Bond film is Casino Royale. When asked what her favorite female role in the movie series is, she answered with “Miranda Frost – she is highly educated, possesses a great deal of agency and is not just a Bond girl, but a Bond villain.” This preference supports her belief in woman empowerment, in and out of the workplace. 

Meet Miss Maine USA 2019 – Lexie Eleston!

Meet our second host for Boston’s Most Exclusive New Years Eve event, the newly crowned Miss Maine USA 2019 – Lexie Elston. This new title holder is an ambitious person at heart, who never gets discouraged in the face of failure, saying, “I have had to fail one hundred times before I succeeded once.”Elston, a strong woman herself, gathers her inspiration from, “women that empower other women.” As a result of surrounding herself with “honest and kind people, there’s no one person” in particular Lexie identifies as her inspiration. As a humanitarian at heart, Lexie has a number of charities and nonprofits that she holds dear to her heart. However, environmental activism is something that she strives to promote during the course of her reign in 2019 representing her beautiful scenic and coastal New England state. In addition, Lexie says she plans to use her title to “better Maine’s economy and make more opportunities for Maine students and citizens. I will influence others by showcasing my story as an example representing that if you work hard and persevere, your dreams and goals will indeed come true.”A true James Bond fan herself, Lexie’s favorite film is Spectre with Daniel Craig. In a film that is male-dominated, Lexie admires the actress “Monica Bellucci, because she is iconic and one of my many favorite Hollywood movie stars.” Our host Miss Maine respects other strong women that stand beside her. Lexie strives to lift others up to reach their personal goals, now that she accomplished one of her own.

Meet Miss New Hampshire USA 2019 – Alexis Chin

Introducing our third host of SYNERGY’s Timeless Gala, Miss New Hampshire USA 2019 – Alexis Chinn. Alexis is an inspirational woman who has not always had things come easily to her. From working tirelessly for a full year to save thousands of dollars to pay for her college education, Alexis has always taken the initiative to control her own destiny through perseverance.Alexis is fortunate enough to have many people in her life that inspired her on a daily basis, saying, “I can’t just pick one person.” However, some of the most profound lessons she has been taught include, “be strong, but it’s also okay to be weak at times.” This is an extremely valuable lesson and one that helped to mold our host into the model woman figure she is today.Miss NH’s insight does not stop there as she intends to use her our personal experiences to influence others representing her state in 2019.  Speaking very candidly, Alexis explains, “as a victim of teen violence myself while in a relationship, I want to ensure other teens that there is a light at the end of this long tunnel.” Alexis now hopes to spread more awareness about her own personal experiences in hopes to protect others from experiencing what she had to endure.Alexis admires Halle Berry for her iconic role as Jinx in the Bond sagas. Now that you know more about our 3 beautiful and passionate hosts, we’re excited for your presence at TIMELESS on December 31st. With amazing decor, a curated ambiance of live music by two DJs, signature cocktails, and the most engaging guests, SYNERGY expects this to be a true ‘007’ night to remember with red carpet photographers documenting the entire evening. Bring in the New Year with us by reserving your tickets today at Timeless New Years Eve.